Jana Frech

Atelier 320


I was born 1988 in Bavaria and studied fine Art in Munich and in Berlin, finished 2018 with a master degree (Meisterschüler) at the UDK in Berlin with Ursula Neugebauer.
My artistic process has always revolved around making intangible realities visible. Older video and sound installations question our relationship to reality and above all our individual perception of them.

After drawing and designing tattoos for a long time as well, I began to tattoo my drawings on the skin in 2018.
Since 2019 I work and live in Munich and travelling around.

Ècriture Automatique is a writing form, created by the Surrealists, which arises out of the state of subconsciousness. The writing takes place in a continuous unstoppable process with the aim to loose the connection to rational thinking.
I refer in a kind of way to this concept of writing and transform it into lines.
Out of this there are arising abstract forms and shapes that visualize a perception or a feeling of time and space. Something that is not figuratively or literally tangible.