super+ TROPIKA

Martino Hutz

Atelier O-11


MHA is a multidisciplinary architecture studio based in Munich, Germany. We are a innovation driven practice working on all scales and in all fields of architecture, interior and design. We believe that architecture can contribute to make the world a bit better. The aim is to create spaces which creates homes, increase the quality of life and empower people. We are inspired by vernacular architecture but strongly believe in a contemporary and forward-thinking approach. Great architecture doesn’t mean to be just more costly but more thoughtful. Thinking outside of the industry standards and embracing innovation is our aspiration to achieve the best results. Designing is a group effort and therefore we work in iterations and in close collaboration with our clients. Continuous and established partnerships with producers, artists, specialists and architects build the basis for our studio. We are convinced that sustainable products and natural materials not just help the environment but also create more liveable cities. The focus on new, digital technologies to optimize design, workflows and rationalize production processes help to minimize resources and time but also can help to create unseen spaces.